Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food for OUR BRAIN

#1: FISH
Fish is one of the healthiest types of proteins, as it is high in fatty acids and repairing proteins as well. Omega 3 is already present in fish and able to reduce risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Besides keeping our bones and teeth healthy, containing really good minerals, and healthy body tissues, it also helps to develop our brain!
Although these are quite high in fat,they're full of carbohydrates which will give us plenty of energy. Sunflower seeds,pumpkin seeds,oats,almods,hazelnuts,peanuts-all really good-just as long as they're not flavoured and preserved in any way!
I know that not many teenagers drink coffee often, but it's good for you! Like chocolate, it's the beans that make it full-bodied and full of anti-oxidants. It'll do you good, especially when you feel like dozing off when you've got to finish a project.
Researchers have proven that cacao beans, from which chocolates are created,are riched in antioxidants. They're proven to make you happy. As a motivational type of food, use it as a reward every time you score well!
Berries have a lot of antioxidants, and they can boost your immune system.
Vegetables may not be the most loved type of food, but they're extremely healthy, when they aren't deep-fried, or drowned in salad dressing or preserved. Vegetables are also famous for making your whole body feel fresh and energized, and this can lengthen your attention span. That's really good for those late nights of homework!
#7: TEA
Green tea, especially, is popular nowadays, so it should be easy to get! chinese tea may be bitter, but it's good for overall wellness. Chrysanthemum tea is good because it's made out of flowers. Peppermint tea will cleanse your body and make you more aware and fresh!